Vinyl Lux
Vintage Vinyl Bowls
by Jeff Davis

Stepped Vinyl Bowls
Smooth Vinyl Bowls

These groovy vinyl bowls are made of real recycled records. You may choose from two different styles: the stepped style and a smooth style. Each bowl measures 12" diameter and 3" deep.
Each record label is sealed with a mylar coating.
Featured in New York Magazine. To be used for serving dry goods only. No liquids or hot items. Not dishwasher safe.

$29.00 each

You can select your bowl style and your music style... though you cannot select the specific artist (sorry!)
If there is a specific artist you are looking for, please email us at: and we can tell you what artists we have in stock.

Bowl Style
Preferred Music Style

*We will do our best to fill your music style order- but we cannot guarentee any particular artist Please email or call for more information on the stock of aritist we are carrying.*