About the Knives



The Knives are designed by Sam McDowell and the blades are made exclusively for him in

Seki City Japan by Kai Cutlery Company, the finest knife makers in the world, and descendants of the Samurai sword makers.

All knives have surgical stainless steel blades with brass liners and nickel silver repousse bolsters.

The blades are decorated with an intricate tracery of filework.

The handles are made of highly polished camel bone or Micarta. Each knife is a one-of-a-kind collector's piece,

hand engraved and signed by artist Sam McDowell.


The knives shown above are:

A. Rigger $375
Small Stinger Knife $130
Large Wine Bottle Opener $375


Above image shows ( from left to right ):
Money Clip- $200
Small Stinger- $130
Chesapeake -$ 178



Please call our store for avalibility!

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